Lawn edging ideas for tidy garden borders

lawn edging ideasBrowse lawn edging ideas online from the main garden centre shops all under one roof.

To present your lawn at its absolute best you naturally need to keep it maintained with regular maintenance and care and attention.

With any lawn area there are always going to be regular garden maintenance tasks like weeding planting, feeding and watering of course but the simplest act after mowing to make your lawn look great is to either cut its edges or use lawn edging. Tidy borders can be like baking.. the icing on the cake.

So tidy path edging and garden borders just make the whole garden lawn (especially borders and flowerbeds) areas stand out. Simply put to enhance your garden without even any knowledge or attempt at landscape design, implement any kind of lawn edging for it to look immaculate.

If you’re not sure which type of border edge you are looking for then just have a browse around. There are plenty of choices for keeping those flower borders or garden paths smart and tidy.

Create barriers to keep different materials for example, bark or pebbles, away from areas where they don’t belong.

Build up height and add varying levels to an area of garden or vegetable patch.

As well as keeping away from paths and paving a border can separate different aspects of your garden for example a rockery or water feature, perhaps even a particular shrub or ornament you wish to feature as a focal point.

Simply trimming the edges of your lawn makes a huge improvement on the overall appearance of a lawn. However if you’ve never performed this before the only way you will see how good this looks is by cutting them. The easiest way to achieve this is by using a good pair of edging shears . You basically stand up and adopt a posture a little like a golfing stance (ok sideways!), then you go around the the garden edge cutting the grass back in line with the soil/turf edge.

Find spades and shears in the edging tools section, wooden edging rolls, plastic or metal garden solutions and much more.

Hint: Put a log roll around a tree or another point of interest to make a feature out of it.

We hope that these lawn edging ideas provide inspiration and help in enhancing your landscape design and garden borders.


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