Gardman Gard Edge Plastic Edging 116cm x 15cm Green

Price: £ 6.99

Gard Edge is the perfect solution to damaged and untidy lawn and border edges. Made from tough hard wearing polypropylene it can be installed in minutes and is guaranteed for 10 years. Perfect for creating maintenance free lawn and border edges.. In addition to providing a beautiful long lasting edge, GardEdge has also been designed with low voltage lighting and micro irrigation systems in mind. Its unique integral clip system allows for small cables or irrigation pipes to be attached, keeping them tidy, out of sight and safe from accidental damage. – Forms a tough, hard wearing barrier between lawn and border. – Simply fit and forget – does not require any maintenance. – Perfect for use with Gardman low voltage lights, simply clip the cable into the rear of the edging and it’s safely out of the way. – Easy to fit – simply dig a slit trench and insert. – 10 year guarantee – will not rust or rot. – Size: 116.5cm long x 15cm high.

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