IPAL7 Tree Border Brown

IPAL7 Tree Border Brown

  • Garden palisade, lawn border, lawn edging
  • Brown, round plastic, hose guide on the inside
  • Lawn, flowerbed, garden, terrace, balcony, straight edges
  • UV and frost resistant

This palisade outclasses all others. It is far better than all traditional equivalents. It is hard and almost indestructible – it will probably serve our grandchildren as well. It is resistant to frost and tremendously practical. You can shape it as you like. What’s more, the wheels of your lawn-mower can move on a special flange and let you almost shave the grass. The structure of this fens lets you draw a hose or electricity along the full length of it, effectively eliminating unattractive vi

List Price: £13.72

Price: £15.19

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